I feel the foundation of my artistic practice is a fascination with the power of line and repetition that originated in drawing.  When I draw a line across a page I see one space turn into two.  When I continue to add diverse and/or repeated linear marks then contours, structures, patterns, dimensions, and shapes begin to take over.  As I entered into painting, color and value expanded the dimensions of my linear spaces further, and now with installation I am able to apply these concepts to actual space.  I see the exploration and understanding of line as a gateway to infinite conversations because I believe that line is the visual representation of an innate part of the human psychology.  No matter how one decides to negotiate lines within a space they begin to show a human’s desire to pattern, structure, organize, and seemingly control their experience.  In other words, I do not feel that working with line limits me to something purely abstract, but instead line allows me the ability to expose what I believe is a basis of human thinking.  Since understanding line as the basis of my practice I have now added concept and narrative, and with these tools my practice has become a way for me to ask questions, form statements, and meditate upon that which I have found personally important or critical to analyze within my experiences and society.  

Elemental Interactions   Acrylic on Canvas    

Elemental Interactions

Acrylic on Canvas